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daisy's dock girlWelcome to Finding Pause, my small attempt to make more room in my life, and hopefully in the lives of others, for what I am calling the sweet spots, those moments where the chatter of our daily lives quiets, the deep hum of our inner calm vibrates, and we engage our lives and the world from a more rooted, easeful, and aware place.

For me, certain activities foster pause, such as yoga, writing, playing with my children, walking in the woods, gardening, or just focusing on my breath and letting the rest of the world rage on outside of me for a little while. 

Sometimes it is hard to know what will bring me pause, or it is hard for me to regularly and purposefully engage in the activities that I know work. I am using this blog to write about my own voyages to the land of pause, in part to encourage myself to keep on truckin' and making my way there, and in part to encourage others to find pause in their own lives.

Please explore my latest blogs and other banter below, or snoop around through some of the older stuff in the tabs above. I have been more focused on yoga lately, and my other blog, Yoga Nag, has more daily offerings.


Prompted by a project to write a letter to a decade-younger me, I have compiled my list of 11 plus life lessons I have learned in the past 10 years.

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Yes, I am riffing on Supertramp for this one, good friends. I never thought I would start a blog with Supertramp, but life can take some funny turns. So here I am.


We have been working on self care in some of my yoga classes this past week. Yes, it makes me yawn a bit too. But I got inspired by the awesome #selfcarelikeayogi Instagram challenge and people, and I have been trying to look a little more closely at how well I do or don't take care of myself. Specifically, considering what self care practices I know that I need. My list. Not the list inSelf magazine or Yoga Journal (not that there is anything wrong with those lists). But my personal list. The list that comes up when I sit quietly with myself.  The list that comes up when I dive inside and ask: 


What do I need?  


What am I missing?  


How could I feel happier, better, healthier?  


How could I feel more at ease in my own skin?  


That list. 




Breathing thoughtfully is good. In every situation. Whether a pose, a puzzle, a party, or a problem.

Listening is important. Listening to my body, to my mind, to my emotions. And listening to what other people say, as well as what their bodies say.

I can see more clearly when I breathe and listen.

When I breathe, listen, and see, I feel more. And sometimes I cry. This crying feels good. 

When I breathe, listen, see, and feel, I am more calm, organized, capable, and stable.

When I express myself from this deep well of breathing, listening, seeing, feeling, and practicing, I am more present. I feel more alive.

The sky is blue, with soft billowy clouds. The air is clear.  Fall is coming. It is a beautiful day.  At this current moment, I am fully in it. Feeling, breathing, listening, seeing, living. This beautiful life. Right here. Right now. 

I am finding pause.  

Breathe in.  Breathe out.

CRITICAL FOOTNOTE (that perhaps should be the preface): Some yoga practices, some yoga classes, are great, bordering on divine intervention, planting me thoughtfully and firmly in the moment. Moreover, there are some great yoga teachers in the world whose clarity, wisdom, and friendship help me breathe, listen, see, and feel. I am ever grateful for every single moment of pause they help me find.



photo.png-4 Making resolutions today may seem random to some. But for me, the day after Labor Day is the start of the new year, always. This is the day when schools are supposed to start. This is the day of new notebooks and pencils, shoes, and maybe even a fresh haircut. Having spent over 25 years--more than half--of my life arranging myself around the academic calendar as an individual first and a parent later, it makes much more sense to me to make resolutions now, for the coming months, perhaps until next summer, or beyond, rather than in the doldrums of winter, in the post holiday gloom, when nothing really changes at all, except what feels like a very arbitrary mark on a calendar.


So, I am making my resolutions, my intentions for fall and hopefully beyond. I am sharing them, to gather up a few witnesses, and perhaps a few joiners in my resolution transport to this time of year. 


On this day, the second of September, and the days hereafter until I make new resolutions, I resolve to:


1) Be more thankful every day, not just for Gratitude Challenges, which I found to be a lovely addition to my day.  Reminding myself of the little and big gracious bounty of my daily life makes me happier and nicer.





What is the importance of practicing yoga on your own? Yoga Nag gives her current top 10 reasons why doing yoga alone has great benefit, and reaches beyond what you are able to achieve in a yoga class. Yet, many yogis--even dedicated, experienced practitioners--are afraid to practice on their own. Read why it is worth trying to break out on your own, at least a little bit. READ MORE>>



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Brought to you by a beautiful boy in blue, this blog is my attempt to pause for the sweet spots--those moments, oftentimes slippery little cracks in the foundation of our daily lives--that give us pause, that don't take our breath away, but give us breath.  I suppose it is a stop and smell the flowers reminder, but my name is Daisy so that feels a little cliche.  And it isn't easy. I started the site almost a year before it went live, so I get that finding pause is a constant work in progress for all of us.  Yet, just like those fleeting seconds at the top or bottom of your breath, between inhale and exhale, the pauses are always there--waiting for us to inhabit, explore, and experience.  I hope to encourage myself, and anyone who takes the time to pause here, to find a little more pause in each day for silence, yoga, creativity, love, play, or whatever it is that restores you.  Pause.

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